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Dilapidation surveys happen across London every day, but exactly what are they and when would you need to call an expert in to carry one out?

Dilapidation surveys provide a detailed report on the condition of any aspect of a building, whether it be in London, Land’s End or anywhere else across the UK.

Let’s take a house in London as an example. When dilapidation surveys are called for a specialist surveyor will provide a detailed assessment of the building on a room by room basis if necessary.

It’s really important that dilapidation surveys record the true condition of a building including things like staining on floors, walls and ceilings.

Dilapidation surveys carried out in London are usually requested if a building is to be let to new tenants or a contract is about to be terminated.

By undertaking dilapidation surveys on a London based building the owner will be able to build up a true picture of its state.

When they are carrying out dilapidation surveys on the London house their checks will cover each room and look at building fabric, electrical services and mechanical services.

By bringing in specialists for dilapidation surveys the owner can determine whether maintenance contracts have been carried out on the London property correctly.

Not only that but any dilapidation surveys can form the basis to renegotiate a maintenance contract and enable the owner to determine the precise condition of the London building prior to any changes or sub-letting.

Anyone conducting dilapidation surveys in London may well take digital photographs of floors, doors and frames, wall fans, walls, windows, electrics, ceiling, light fittings, plus other items.

When dilapidation surveys are completed a report is created so that the owner of the London property is given a true risk assessment picture and given an indication of likely costs for any remedial work needed.

These dilapidation surveys may also include rankings for each item requiring work, scoring each entry between one and three, with a rating of three suggesting serious defects.

Once any dilapidation surveys have been carried out on this London property the owner will be in a much better position to take appropriate action and move plans forward.

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