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Greener Tech - Purchase Survey

Not all buildings are of conventional construction or have standard equipment. Croyland Building Surveyors were asked to inspect and report on a fairly new building that was suffering from leaks but that also had some unusual innovations. It had been constructed as a test bed for emerging technologies aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental performance.

Leaks were identified in the roof coverings and in the cladding. Our survey report considered the causes and made the necessary recommendations. We were also able to assess the condition of the rainwater harvesting system, the combined heat and power installation, the air conditioning and chiller plant, and the laboratory fume extracts. Much of this proved to be defunct or decommissioned. Our clients were therefore able to factor this into their budgeting for occupation.

While we do not claim to be mechanical or electrical engineers, we believe it is important for building surveyors to have a wide working knowledge of new technologies. This allows us to give informed instructions to specialists where necessary, and to give clear strategic advice to clients.

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