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High Access Inspection - City Office...

The landlords and tenants were having difficulties over persistent rainwater penetration through some of the roof areas. The roof areas were covered with paving slabs, pebbles and insulation. They were also twelve storeys up.

We were asked to inspect and report on the condition of the water-proofing, to identify the source of the leaks, and to propose a scheme for repairs.  It was not possible to set aside the paving slabs and coverings so extensive exposure of the concealed water-proofing could not be done.  However, we were able to identify the sources of leaks and to arrange for holding repairs.  This enabled the top floor offices to remain in occupation and the landlord was then able to programme longer-term repairs without excessive strain on the occupiers or the service charge.

Croyland Building Surveyors have the benefit of extensive experience in all types of building. This allows efficient diagnosis of building defects, leading to speedy and economical repairs. 

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