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Croyland Building Surveyors are routinely engaged in the inspection of industrial buildings.  This generally involves a detailed inspection of large and high level roof areas.

Many mid-to-late 20th century industrial buildings now show signs of age.  Common problems include ‘cut edge corrosion’ of profiled steel sheeting. This is caused by the progressive deterioration of the protective coatings and rusting of the underlying steel.  These problems are rarely visible from ground level and, as such buildings are usually at least 6m high to their eaves, a proper inspection using safe access equipment is necessary.  We generally find that a lifting platform or ‘cherry picker’ is the most effective way of doing this.  Remote control photography can be useful, but does not allow the surveyor to get close enough for a reliable assessment.

Croyland Building Surveyors have standing arrangements with specialist access contractors who can provide responsive and economical support. This allows surveys to be completed, and repairs assessed, in full detail.

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