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Listed Building Purchase Survey...

Building surveys of Listed Buildings require extensive knowledge of historic building techniques and of appropriate repairs.

We find that Listed Buildings are rarely of uniform date and construction. They frequently have extensions and alterations that may in themselves be of architectural or historic importance.  Clients purchasing such a property will want to know as much as possible about the nature of the various constructions, the effectiveness of alterations, and the scope and priority of any repairs.  After all, Listing protects not only the front elevation but also the interior fabric and outbuildings within the ‘curtilage’.  Following our detailed thorough inspection, we provide a schedule of recommended repairs, advise on priorities and give estimates of costs.  Such a first step is essential in gaining an appreciation of the building, and in conserving it for the future.

Croyland Building Surveyors’ careful and knowledgeable approach to Listed Buildings, and conservation work generally, often results in us being retained by new owners to advise on future works. 

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