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Office and Showroom Fit-Out - City Fringe...

Croyland Building Surveyors were appointed to survey a dilapidated Victorian workshop building, and then to design and supervise repairs and fitting-out for the owner-occupier.

The building is located in the much improved Old Street area near the City of London.  It was originally used for the manufacture of drums, then divided up and rather crudely altered to form office space at the end of the 20th century.  Extensive works were required to put the exterior fabric into good repair.  Because the building had been separated from its neighbour, thereby removing one of the fire escapes, it was also necessary to upgrade the fire protection. This was achieved by installing a pressurization system to the central staircase core, activated automatically by the new fire alarm system.  We also designed and specified the interior fitting out of three floors of office space to let, with new heating and lighting services, as well as new basement and upper floor show room facilities for our client’s own occupation.

To get the best out of this building, and to provide optimum flexibility for our client, Croyland Building Surveyors were able to deploy wide-ranging design, construction and engineering expertise.

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