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Building & Property Dilapidations...

When you come to the end of a building lease do you know exactly what the landlord will expect of you? Do you realise that the beautiful new board room you’ve had fitted, or all those data cables, may have to be removed so you’re not in breach of your leasehold terms and conditions? Many leaseholders learn this lesson the hard way, often incurring claims from the landlord who insists on having his building returned to its original state.

If you’re a landlord it’s important to have a clear appreciation of your rights, and solid advice on which to maintain them.

By employing us to carry out dilapidation surveys, you’ll gain peace of mind in knowing that there’ll be no nasty surprises when a lease comes to an end. We’ll survey a building, give expert advice on any work required, and negotiate a settlement when it comes to end of lease. Simple, quick and stress free. We offer Dilapidation surveys in London, Cambridge and across England.

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