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Party Walls and Neighbours

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If you’re looking at doing some building work on a party wall (the wall that connects you with your neighbours in a semi-detached or terraced property) or any work close to a neighbour’s property, then it’s important you seek expert help from a party wall surveyor. At Croyland Building Surveyors we will deal promptly and professionally with your enquiry. The Party Wall Act not only deals with party walls but also with the excavation of foundations close to any neighbouring buildings. This means you have to serve notice on your neighbour that you’re planning work, which can sometimes cause anxiety and a certain amount of friction if your plans prove unpopular.

With this in mind we always recommend each party appoints a surveyor who can do the necessary negotiation on your behalf, saving you the stress and strain of a possible fall-out with the neighbours. It also ensures that any work is completed to a high, professional standard, enabling you to relax safe in the knowledge that your building work is in good hands.

Croyland Building Surveyors: Party Wall Surveyors.

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